Under the Sea Rice Krispie Treats Perfect for Mermaid Party

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These decorated Rice Krispie treats were quick and easy to make and turned out quite nice. They’d be perfect for an Under the Sea or Mermaid theme party or shower!

I had plenty of sprinkles left over from our mermaid candy bark project, so I wanted to come up with another treat that could use them.

All I did was make the traditional Rice Krispie treat recipe, but with a bit of blue food coloring added to the melted butter and marshmallow mix. I love how it didn’t color it evenly; there ended up being a gradation of sandy tan, teal and blue! I left some undecorated because I thought the color mix alone was enough to evoke images of the sea.

For the decorated ones, I first cut them up, then drizzled melted candy melts in thin lines across them (l actually used a few pieces of leftover mermaid candy bark with the big sprinkles removed, but you can just use fresh candy melts if you’d like). A little bit of gold sanding sugar sprinkles, some pearl candies (I picked mine up at Wal-Mart), some smaller pearl sprinkles and ta-da! Done!

I recommend leaving some undecorated for guests who would prefer them that way; the blue is enough to make them fit in quite nicely!


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6 Comments on “Under the Sea Rice Krispie Treats Perfect for Mermaid Party”

  1. So pretty! My niece wants a mermaid themed birthday party this summer and this would be perfect.

  2. Super easy and customizable makes this the perfect recipe! I think these are too pretty to eat.

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