Sailor Moon movies coming to US theaters this Summer!

Have you ever wanted to see Sailor Moon in a movie theater? Now you can! VIZ and Fathom Events have scheduled showings at hundreds of theaters across the country this July and August, so you and your fellow magical girl fans can enjoy Sailor Moon R, Sailor Moon S and Sailor Moon SuperS on the big screen.

From the Fathom Events website:

Sailor Moon, the beloved Guardian of Love and Justice, returns to the big screen for a special theatrical event! Following an encore presentation of the first movie (SAILOR MOON R- THE MOVIE), the Sailor Guardians unite once more to battle their chilliest adversary yet (SAILOR MOON S- THE MOVIE). The second week of showings will feature the classic anime’s third movie (SAILOR MOON SUPERS- THE MOVIE) along with never-before seen in theaters short, “Ami’s First Love.” All features are presented uncut and true to the original Japanese version, with English dubbed and subtitled showings available.

The films will be in over 590 theaters across the US on July 28 & 30 (Sailor Moon R & S) and August 4 & 6 (Sailor Moon SuperS). You can check to see which ones near you are showing the movies at For each movie event, you can choose to go on the night with subtitles or the night with dubbing – or go to both, if you really want to!

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