Loot Crate April 2018 | Review + Spoilers + Coupon | Artifacts Theme

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Loot Crate’s regular subscription box comes with a t-shirt, a monthly pin and a few pieces of memorabilia from a wide range of fandoms. Each month has a loose theme.

When I saw that the April 2018 theme for Loot Crate was “Artifacts”, I was intrigued. When I saw there would definitely be items from the Lord of the Rings and Legend of Zelda, I knew I definitely wanted to be in on it!

First up, the box. The inside was printed and had instructions for popping out some pieces, turning it inside out and refolding to make your own Infinity Gauntlet. It has a handle inside to make wielding it easy.

The t-shirt has a cartoonish Thanos with his Infinity Gauntlet sitting on his throne amid piles of skulls. The gold of his armor is shimmery, which is a nice touch.

The Frodo figurine is my favorite; it’s from a new line by Weta Workshop (the guys who did much of the prop work on the Peter Jackson LotR films) they’re calling their “Mini Epics”. This one is a special edition since Sting is painted blue; the one showing on Weta’s site (https://www.wetanz.com/shop/vinyl-figures/frodo) is all silver. It’s also worth noting that all the Mini Epic figurines are priced at $29.99 in their shop, making this a solid win price-wise.

The Legend of Zelda map of Hyrule is not exclusive to Loot Crate. It’s tricky to lay flat since it wants to be rolled pretty tightly and feels like a very thin plastic.

The pin is a lovely little chalice. I like it a lot.

Last was a set of 6 The Dark Crystal notecards with envelopes. These will probably find their way into a giveaway at some point, so I didn’t open them.

Loot Crate is normally $20 plus shipping, but you can get $5 off by using my referral link here!

What do you think of this month’s crate? Worth it?

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  1. Loot Crate is super awesome! Wish I saw this before I subscribed. Would have totally used your link!

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