Journey Through Middle Earth Invitation

Hello! I’m starting a new Tolkien/Lord of the Rings-inspired feature on my blog and I was hoping you might like to join in!

  • Every blogger who participates with at least one blog post will receive a free visit/follow link in milestone giveaways and will get a link to their post in relevant Fellowship progress round-up posts on my site.
  • You can also participate via social media with the #JourneyThroughMiddleEarth hashtag for social media love/shoutouts

Quick overview:

You walk/run/hike/swim/unicycle/etc, record your distance, and compare it to a chart to see how far you’ve come along the path the fellowship from Lord of the Rings took. You can post highlights of where you did it (photos, travel tips, etc), fitness/weight updates if you’re using it for a fitness challenge, stuff about where in the books/Middle Earth you are; basically post whatever you like and whatever fits your blog or social media channel!

More detail:

Have you heard of the “The Eowyn Challenge“? Back when the Peter Jackson movies were coming out, it was an activity/fitness challenge to run/walk/bike/swim/etc the same distances the Fellowship travelled. It was fan-run and people put together tons of charts and such for comparison.

I’ve wanted to try it for years but never quite got around to it. With the announcement of the LotR series coming to Amazon, it got me thinking about it again! I’d like to start my own Journey Through Middle Earth, and I’d like you to be a part of my Fellowship!

Technical stuff:

    • You can start at any day, at any time, regardless of where everyone else is. Just post about your “journey” – what distance you’ve covered and where that corresponds to on the Lord of the Rings travel charts. You can also post any pics/stories you’d like of where you did your walk/run/etc for that leg, or about your fitness/weight loss journey, or anything else that fits.
    • I’d love it if you could email me a link to any post you make so I can make sure to check it out and add it to roundup posts.
    • I will be making my own posts for my journey, and every so often (weekly, biweekly or monthly, depending on how active people choose to be) I will do “Fellowship Round-up” posts that will feature highlights and links to everyone’s posts.
    • When I reach major milestones (Tom Bombadil’s house, Bree, Rivendell…) I will do giveaways. Anyone who has posted an update since my last giveaway can claim a free follow/visit link for that giveaway. 
    • If you don’t want to write blog posts, I’d still love you to join in via social media if you’d like using the #JourneyThroughMiddleEarth hashtag. I’ll be keeping an eye on it to give RTs, Instagram love, shoutouts and so on.

Please let me know if you have any questions!



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