FanMail Box Review + Coupon + Giveaway | June 2018 “Reigning Royals”

The FanMail Box is a bimonthly subscription box “for lady geeks, by lady geeks”. Each box has a theme, and this one is Reigning Royals.

Boxes ship every other month and are $21.99 plus shipping (you can save $2 off your first box with code STYLEME)

The items were:

    • A canvas bag with lantern artwork inspired by Disney’s Rapunzel designed by Rachel Hartman
    • I am a Princess (Star Wars) from Little Golden Books
    • Anastasia “Together in Paris” necklace from
    • Princess Shuri mousepad designed by
    • A Q&A with author Jennifer Donnelly
    • An information booklet about the items, along with a neat guide to movies, show seasons, books and comics coming out over the next few months


This box was good. The necklace and tote bag are definitely my favorite items out of it. They are both perfect as a subtle nod to your fandom while still being a great stand-alone pieces outside of any references. The mousepad has a similar feel; it’s a cool design even if you don’t recognize it as Shuri’s armor.

I was a little disappointed with the kid’s book. It’s cute, but with all the great Princess Leia-inspired art and merchandise out there, I was hoping for something either more unique or more useful as an adult for my #1 favorite princess general.

The next box will be “High School Hijinks” in August. From the website:

In August, FanMail is taking you back to school!

Our “High School Hijinks” box will have you hanging out with your favorite pop culture high schoolers! These teens have to deal with superpowers, creatures of the night, and monsters from other dimensions, all while facing the usual teenage angst, relationship drama and, of course, the horror of cafeteria food.

Whether you’re a jock, Crow, nerd, Razorback, greaser or runaway emo kid, you’ll find the right clique in our August box!

FanMail is $21.99 plus shipping and goes out every other month.

Use discount code STYLEME to get $2 off your first box!

To subscribe to FanMail box, head over to

You can also order past boxes you want as long as they have them in stock. If you want the Reigning Royals box that I have, you can find it here:

Giveaway Time!

I’m giving away the Rapunzel bag featured in this box! It’s a lovely bag, but I’ve been making a big effort lately to cut down on my bag stash! I’d love to send it along to someone who will use it, so if you’d like you can enter to win it.

Head over to the giveaway post to enter!

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