Faerie Magazine Summer 2018 Review: The Mermaid Issue

Mug from the Mermaidful subscription box (review here) and painted shells from my easy acrylic pouring DIY

I was super happy to dive into this season’s Faerie Magazine! Summer 2018 is dubbed “The Mermaid Issue”, and it delivers with 106 pages of stunning pictures, a wide range of DIY crafts and recipes, interviews and more.

Faerie Magazine is a quarterly publication inspired by all things fantasy. They send the print magazine wrapped to help prevent damage en-route. It has a nice thick cover, vivid bold printing and makes an excellent coffee table magazine.

I loved all the DIY tips in this issue, especially the ocean-inspired natural skincare recipes!

The photo shoots were absolutely stunning as well, both above and below water. Faerie Magazine always features a wide variety of different contributing artists and writers, and I love seeing the different styles and interpretations of the themes.

There is a lot more to see! Over 100 pages more! If you’re interested, you can subscribe now (you can choose to start with this Summer issue or wait until Fall), order just this single issue, or purchase a really high-res PDF issue on the Faerie Magazine site. You can also pick it up at Barnes & Noble.

PS: If you love gorgeous fantasy imagery, check out the @FaerieMagazine Instagram page!

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