Everyday Fantasy Looks #1: All that is Gold

“All that is gold does not glitter”…but sometimes it does!

This hair and makeup look was inspired by the new “Beam Me Up, Solo” glitter from Espionage Cosmetics. I love how the glitter makes the braids stand out in this multi-textured look.

For the hair, I did a side part, then french braided the smaller side until just past my ear, finishing the braid normally.

For the other side, I made two small normal braids, careful not to use the top layer of hair so it drapes over it. I reached back and pulled a little hair towards the front to bulk up the braids, but again, don’t grab any of the top layer of hair.

I added the “Beam Me Up, Solo” glitter and let it dry. Even without hairspray, once dry it stayed put really well and didn’t transfer to my loose hair, which made me super happy!

For the makeup, I used:

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