Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con is coming! June 29 – July 1, 2018

This weekend I’ll be heading to the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con!

Comics, cosplay and fandoms, oh my!

I personally love this convention because of the emphasis placed on interactive offerings. The actual programming is just the beginning; one of my favorite memories from attending before was the assortment of great displays from costuming and maker groups. This is also one of the best conventions I’ve attended for being able to just walk up and have conversations with creators at their tables. Tickets are still available, and you can also pay to enter at the door. Kids 10 and under are free!

I reached out to Jimmy Jay, the owner of Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con, to talk a little bit about what makes this convention special, what it’s like to run a convention, and what comics he recommends for fans of classic fantasy.

Style Me Fantasy: What sets the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con apart from the other pop culture offerings in Las Vegas?

Jimmy Jay:  Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con is the longest run​ning​  Pop Culture Convention in Las Vegas, entering our 6th year in 2018.  While other events- with a variants sizes, national brands, with large  corporate backings- have come and gone over the years, the fact that Amazing Comic Conventions has embraced the community of Las Vegas, rather than chase primarily the fickle tourist dollar.  Perhaps more importantly though is the genuine approach of Amazing Comic Con, where the Architects of Pop Culture take center stage.  These are the people responsible for all the things we love- from creating the characters, graphic novels, toys, movie concepts, TV, and gear we collect and consume.  We believe that the BEST Pop Culture Always begins with the Comics, and therefore Comic Creators will remain at our center.  Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con is the most accurate representation!

SMF: What are you personally excited about for this year’s ALVCC?

Jimmy: We’re thrilled that we have expanded our media component in 2018, making this year our biggest yet.  In addition to seeing the creators of your favorite comics, now we are bringing the actors from favorite​ genres​.  Charlie Cox is the star ​of Marvel’s Daredevil​.  There is a Deadpool 2 panel that teams up cast members of the film Brianna Hildebrand and Lewis Tan, with the creator Rob Liefeld.  Jason David Frank, the Original Power Ranger is leading a 2​5​th Anniversary Celebration of the franchise.  The great part of this- while we are featuring these dynamic pop culture personalities, its the comic book source material that always remain true to our brand!

SMF: I love how much effort you’ve put into having kid-friendly and kid-focused things to do at the convention. Can you highlight some of the offerings for younger attendees?

Jimmy: Amazing Comic Con believes that the next generation of fans should be fostered, and our event in Las Vegas June 29-July1 is a prime example.  Here, we make the event inexpensive for the family- Kids 10 and Under are FREE all weekend long.  Featured Guests of Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con include the Kevin Eastman- the creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Tony Fleecs- the artist behind My Little Pony.  On Sunday Kid’s Day there us a Super Mario Kart Challenge, Coloring Contest and we end the show with a Costume Parade where everyone is a winner.  Our special Guest Sam Humphrey might just say that this is the Greatest Show!

SMF: Before you started your own conventions, you were a vendor; was there anything that surprised you when you made the leap to the other side? Any advice for others considering getting into that line of work? 

Jimmy: We are faced with surprises each and every day with our roles at Amazing Comic Conventions– no two days are alike, just like no two events are the same either!  Building on 25 years with the largest national retail convention dealership, and serving as a comic publisher and consultant to other studios during that period as well, nothing can exactly prepare for the transition creating a successful comic con event from scratch. There is no “HOW TO” Guide on planning comic con style events.  And more than just having a cash bank roll to fund these events, it takes passion, lots of blue collar work, and a love for your fellow fans.  We are thrilled that that the Las Vegas Community has embraced us, and we have worked overtime on building the trust and reinvesting into our event.

SMF: What comics would you suggest for classic fantasy fans?

Jimmy: The first comic the immediately comes to mind for classic fantasy fan is SAGA from Image Comics by BK Vaugh and Fiona Staples.  The book blends genres in that it has star crossed lovers of Romeo & Julliet, the high adventure of Star Wars, mixed with the sassiness of Tarentino’s Pulp Fiction, and has the epic expanse of Game of Thrones…it’s certainly one of my personal favorites!

SMF: Anything else you’d like to add?

Jimmy: There’s Something for EVERYONE at Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con.  From the Comic Books, to the Panels, to Cosplay, Video Games and more.  We want to include a friendly environment that is inviting to most hardcore fans, your family members and even your office co-worker too!

Details for Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con 2018

Website: Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con
When: June 29 – July 1, 2018
Where: Las Vegas Convention Center
Price: $60 for 3 day pass, $25 single day Friday or Sunday, $35 single day Saturday (kids 10 and under are free)
How to get tickets: Buy online or pay at the door

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